Monday, January 3, 2011

Saying goodbye just doesn't get easier. I think every time it's harder than the last. Sigh.
Well the holidays are definitely over. The house was way quiet after the kids left yesterday, even the animals laid down and took a nap. Hubby was over at his brother's helping to finish up their move to their new house. Even he wasn't around. So what's a gal to do? Well I'm a list making a gal. That doesn't mean I ever check those lists again (therefore I've learned to date them to have a serious laugh over later on and to see if I actually did do anything on the list.) There's really more I need and want to get done than I know where to start. So mostly I sat and thought... pondering what to do. This whole, new sparkling with promise year ahead. You would think now that the kids are gone and I only work 17.5 hours a week that I would be getting loads of things accomplished around here. Not so. So where is my time going? I think I know... all those games on Facebook. I've really got to give those up. I've also decided that the office room works great as an office but not for crafting/sewing/quilting, etc. There's just no room to move around in here. Especially if I set up to sew or get any kind of craft going. So here's what I'm going to propose to the hubby. I want the large room in the guest house that sets empty the majority of the time and seems to be a catch all room. I should rent it out, but it creeps me out to think of someone I don't know living in my backyard. Is that weird? I mean I don't mind sharing. I'll tuck that twin bed into the corner out of the way. So wish me luck. I will be posting photos of course.

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