Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cloches Again

I was shopping with my daughter while she was home one weekend and came across these lovely, little cloches at Big Lots. Not sure if they have these outside of California. It's a discount store, I suppose you would call it. Anywhooo, I knew I had to have the only two the store had. Brought them home, visited the thrift store for the rest of the components and so here they are. Still not sure what I'm going to put in it yet. Of course my new piece, the hutch, prompted a complete fluffing.
 This old North Wind chair freaks everybody out. It's a family piece so we keep it. Doesn't bother me. Yes I got stuck with the fish when the kids left. We felt they wouldn't have made the 5 hour trip north.
This is a Thanksgiving card my best friend made and gave me several years ago. It was a piece of fabric. I thought it was so cute so I framed it to use with my fall decorating. Which I still haven't done and probably won't. Sigh.... so many projects so little time.
Hope everyone has a great and fabulous weekend.


My Cottage Charm said...

Hi the cloches! We have a Big Lots and I live in KY, so I guess they're everywhere. :) Our Big Lots is next to our Dollar Tree, so I get in trouble every time I go out...spend too much! (oh, and did I mention they're about a mile down the road?!) :-0
Oh, you tell your hubby, you're much too sweet for your "little voice" to be a demon. (an angel maybe, but not a demon) :)
Glad you liked my fabric...I LOVE the toile! :)
Have a great week my friend!

Lindy said...

Your cloches are just too perfect. You've put in just the right spot, too. The whole room is so pretty!