Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure and Trinkets Thursday

Melissa over at My Cottage Charm is having a linky party today. So feel free to go over there, see what others have been doing and add yourself too. 
My son is a very talented young man with wood. He began taking woodshop classes in junior high. We homeschooled through a charter school for homeschoolers for several years and that's where he took his woodworking classes even through all 4 years of high school. So over the years he has made his momma quite a few things. Which I will proudly display here today.
This is a high school project that he did and it sits on our patio. I just love this piece and wish he'd made a matching chair. I guess he really didn't like making this so I haven't gotten a twin yet. :) I keep hoping.
This poor, neglected birdhouse. I have had it for years and still have not painted it. I am not sure why. I guess because I can't commit to a certain color. Who knows?! This is probably one of the first pieces he ever made me.
This little bookcase was his first piece of furniture I think. It sits in my room with my favorite books on it. Again no paint. :(
This is a little hand lathed bowl that he did. His first time lathing.
He loves scroll saw work as you can tell by the next couple of pictures. These actually sit in his room, but I just thought I would show them.

This large beauty was not made specifically for me, but I love it anyway. This was made for the Fresh Wood Competition and took his team to nationals in 2007. Afterwards the school raffled it off to help raise money for the next competition which is held every two years. Lucky me won it, that and purchasing a whole lot of tickets. When he leaves home for a place of his own it will follow him as I think he deserves it.
This was supposed to be a plate rack but morphed into a small shelf that I needed for this spot. The dowels were not positioned right for my plates. It was a valuable learning experience for him. Measure your plates first and how to repurpose a mistake.
This is my spice cupboard that he made me for Mother's Day a couple of years ago. It's very large and holds a ton of stuff. Another piece needing paint. I don't mind painting walls but furniture just makes me pause. I did get the go ahead to paint this piece. Seth really doesn't like when I paint wood pieces.

Step stool. Very handy in the kitchen.
Magazine holder. Maybe he'll let me paint that white? We'll see.
He made the tissue box and scroll cut the hummingbird and had a friend paint the whole thing for me for Mother's Day last year. So love this piece.
My bench/coffee table in the sitting room. I really love and use this piece a lot. It also fills in as seating when we have guests over at the dining room table. So it's versatile and I like that about it.
So I'm a very lucky momma to have such a talented son. oh I almost forgot his best piece yet. He made me this grape arbor last fall. We have a guest nesting in it already. I'll post pictures of this tomorrow. Also all photos were taken by the carpenter himself.
Have a glorious week. {{HUGS}} Amanda
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afistfullofweeds* said...

Wow!! I need to borrow him for a few days!! Love all of that stuff!! Lucky you!!

My Cottage Charm said...

He does great work! I know you must be SO proud! :-) Thanks for linking up on my party and mentioning it in your post...much appreciated! I love your arbor...tell him I'll give him directions to my house and he can help me out on some projects over here. LOL I know how to do tons of woodworking, but I just can't seem to find the time to get to everything I want to do. Oh well!
Have a blessed day and thanks again for linking up!

Sandra said...

Lucky you...and what a talented young man! He does very nice work!

Anonymous said...

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