Thursday, April 22, 2010

Treasures and Trinkets Thursday

Melissa over at My Cottage Charm is having a linky party. She's asked what do we treasure. Well I treasure my relationship with God first and foremost. But next is my family. I can replace everything else but I can't replace them.
There's my sweet husband of 21 years, Neil. We met while serving in the Army at Fort Eustis, VA. He hated me at first and wanted nothing to do with me. Guess I changed his mind. So my silly saying for us is " I had to go all the way to Virginia to meet a California boy." See we were both born and raised in California, opposite ends of the state though. We only dated for three months and then got married. It's worked for us. The last 21 years have certainly been an adventure and a treasure.
Next there's my oldest son, Seth. I can't believe that next Sunday he will turn 20 years old. The years have flown by. He's currently working and taking classes at the local community college. He'd like to do something with his wood talent.  He's always doing some project or another for me. I'll ask him can you do this? He always says "get me the wood mom." He built my grape arbor last fall and finished the closet up just recently. He's a sweetie and I just love him.
Then there's my daughter Tina. I featured her just a post or two ago. She's this incredibly beautiful young lady with a sweet heart and she knows what she wants. She'll be attending a technical college this fall. We will miss her, but want the best for her whatever that may be. She always makes me laugh. 

So be sure to join in.

{{HUGS}} Amanda

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My Cottage Charm said...

Thanks for linking up to my party. :) Your family is beautiful! I have three of which you saw in my post today. I have an older son named Trevor and a 9 year old named Carson. What a joy it is to be a mom! (well most of the time, LOL)
Hope you have a great day! Oh, I have the party every Thursday, so feel free to join in!