Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Review

I'd like to start doing reviews on Wednesday. I'd like to introduce great blogs and great reads and well you get the point. Anything I've tried lately that I think someone else might like. Being a librarian I'm exposed to a lot of literature, mostly children's literature, but I love to read. I've gotten hooked on Robert Liparulo's Dreamhouse Kings series. If you like suspense and mystery, you'll love these books. I've gotten quite a few of the students hooked and some office staff as well. 6 books in the series and you'll love them. Have fun reading.
Next I'd like to introduce you to Melissa over at My Cottage Charm. I just found her blog while surfing the other day. You're going to love this spunky lady. She's got some great ideas and pictures up on her blog.  She's only been blogging since February but she's got a lot of posts up already. I think she'll hit her 100th post by this summer. LOL! Just kidding. So go visit Melissa and be sure to leave a kind comment.

{{HUGS}} Amanda

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