Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Updates and Wishes

Oh my goodness it's been forever since I've blogged. Shame on me. Work has been hectic and it's been cold and rainy which causes my arthritis to flare and I've felt like getting nothing done. So I haven't. There the ugly truth is out. Actually I've been embroidering, so I have done something. And reading everyone else's blogs and all the lovely projects they've been getting done. Wish our warm weather would come back. Work gets really busy at this time of year. But next week is spring break and I'm hoping for some warm weather with my toes, fingers and eyes crossed.
Lately it's just felt like our house is too big and at 1300 square feet it isn't large. But being empty nesters for the first time ever (we had our first child 10 months after getting married) perhaps that's why. Also looking at all the things still to do and not feeling up to doing them makes me dream of 2 bedroom apartments and someone else fixing everything. Well that's just wishful thinking. 
Well just thought I would let you know I'm still alive. Hope, hope, hoping for warm weather next week. Stay tuned to see if it does get warm.
Ta ta for now. 

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