Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer project

 So everyone knows that late July/ early August is the best time to start projects, right? Because 100 degree weather is nothing, right? Actually I've got so many projects to get done before work/school starts in 3 1/2 short weeks. Next week I'll be extremely busy getting my daughter ready to go to Sacramento.  :'(   She's heading off to school. So what better time than to tackle the guest house. When I get back from Sacramento I won't have much time before work begins and I want to get her old room made over into my sewing/craft room. Is that terrible or what? She's hardly gone and I'm making changes already. So of course I just jump right in and take no before pictures, but I promise to have several after pictures. I've chosen a cottage by the sea theme for the guest house. Should be fun and should give me lots to do this fall, making it all spiffy. Here's a before picture though. My FIL has been living in the guest house but with both kids leaving we moved him into the main house and the kids to the guest house. Crazy I know. So of course it needs a makeover. We've painted over the green walls. The pictures below are what it looked like when it was the school room/craft/sewing room. I didn't take pictures of it when my FIL was living in there. Suffice to say it was green and messy. After pictures to come in the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda!
It looks like you've been plenty busy! How nice to have your own sewing room and your guest house available.
Love from,

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Hi Amanda,
What a fun project! I wish I had a room that could be all my own. At times, it seems like my kids take over the whole house (lol)! That armoire is awesome! It would look great painted white, don't you think? Anyway, have fun and don't work too hard. ;o)
I wish our hot weather would go away, too (ugh!).
Have a great week.
Hugs ~ Jo