Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer is here!

Hello! Sorry I've been absent lately. It's been so hot here and I just haven't felt like accomplishing anything except for reading a book in front of a fan. I didn't think that would make for interesting blogging. Though I have gotten just a few small things done.
Seth continues to plug away at the corner raised bed in the backyard. We hope to plant our strawberries here this fall when it cools off. I also want a potato bush. Wanted one of those for awhile now. 
I did finish the bag I was working on which made Tina happy. I've also been working a little at my favorite local shop. I'll have to share some pictures of the shop later.
The grape is performing exceptionally well and the grass, well the grass is competing with some kind of weed for backyard domination. Hub's is not too happy about it. I told him the Bermuda will choke it out eventually. Bermuda always wins. Thought I would share one before picture of the trellis and the grape to compare it to now. The dahlias and sunflowers are doing well now that it's really warmed up. The wild parrots appreciate the sunflower seed.         
Hope your weekend is an exceptional one. As always.....


Pieces of Dreams said...

Beautiful pictures of your flowers and grapes! And, I am all for planting those strawberries. Love the bag...very creative!

Have a nice weekend!


Secret Garden Cottage said...

Wow...that grape vine really grew in a short amount of time! We've been wanting to plant some grapes in our garden, too. Your garden is looking lovely!
Yeah...this hot weather is a killer! My husband and I came in every so often to cool off from the heat today, but we're both whipped from the day outdoors. :)
I got my roses from a David Austin catalog.
Try this link:
He has the most amazing roses!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend! Stay in the AC. ;o)
Hugs ~ Jo

Sue at Beach Bungalow said...

Beautiful pictures, Amanda! Love your milk glass collection ... sigh