Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Okay, wow I've been away forever. I've got lots to share. But first here's a great new website I found. I think most of you will like this. Check it out. Homemaking Cottage is also offering a giveaway. Hope someone I know wins.
October was ridiculously crazy and I've gotten way behind on visiting my friends. But I'll catch up soon with all of you. Thought I would share some photos of what's been going on.

During book fair week at work we had a read out loud event one evening. Students came in their pajamas and we enjoyed Mexican s'mores and Halloween stories. My favorite the Hallo-Weiner by Dave Pilkey. I love this story. This was a kick.
Tina was involved in a melodrama that I volunteered to do the cooking for both nights. It was a blast. The play was set in a 1940s night club involving a murder of the owner. Kids all had fun and even did dancing for us that would have been popular in the 40s. Here's some of the cast outside the building.

Inside. The girls are waiting for the event to start.

Here's some of the servers. They actually served and acted in the play.

Here's Tina on the right and another of the cast members.

The vintage market was a blast and I even made new friends. Here's another of the vendors booths. Things got so busy after set up that I never got another picture. :-(

This was the beginning of our booth. Once the day got started there was no more time for pictures. :-( So it's just the set up pictures. Hope everyone is doing good and I'll be around to see what you've all been up to.


Shiloah Baker said...

Thanks for blogging about the give away! :)

Shiloah Baker said...

Come see the surprise on the blog...