Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunrise at the Park

 Seth and I took the boys to a local park yesterday morning. We walked and took pictures of the fall we're having here. We don't get a spectacular fall like we used to have back in Virginia, but we do get some trees that are gorgeous. When we first got to the park it was hazy/foggy. We get a lot of fog here, Tule fog to be exact. It can get really thick. If you Google, it will bring up numerous pictures. The boys were more interested in the ducks and wondering how they could catch them.

Personally I think the palm trees are a nice counter point to the blazing Chinese pastiche in the background. Where else but California? Hope you enjoyed our walk through the park.


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Hi Amanda,

The trees are beautiful this time of year. A palm with those other trees is not something we see around here all the time. Actually, they started introducing palm trees in this part of Georgia a couple years ago but they don't seem to like the frosts we get!


D&A said...

Hi Amanda!

Your pictures are beautiful and your blog is fun to look at. Hope you're having good days! I finally added some pictures to my blog. It's fun to do!

Love from,