Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nationals Again and End of Year Quilts

This is one of the winning entries for nationals in Las Vegas next month. Seth and Steven are going again. Some of you who have been visitors for a long time know that Seth and Steven went to nationals (national woodworking that is) 2 years ago with a hutch. This time they did a table and it's pretty amazing. We'll cross our fingers and hope to take top spot this time. Even if we don't it's a good time for Seth and the wood shop gang to have fun.
For the second part of the post I thought I would share our end of year quilts. Every year for the past several years Kelly (BFF) and I pick students that we feel are special to us and who we think deserve something to take with them from us as they leave our school to go to high school. We love these students and want only the best for them. We hope these quilts will inspire them and help them remember they are someone special. Kelly always does super duper labels for the back with great sayings. Of course I neglected to get pictures of those. Hopefully she didn't. We did four quilts this year. We try to pick colors we know they like and try to match the quilt to the student. Most of these students have never had someone make them something. One student thought we had bought them and then was astounded when we told her we made it just for her. They're basic quilts because we usually wait until the last minute and we try to make as many as we can. Here they are. Everyone have a great weekend.


Allison said...

The quilts are a fantastic idea. That is so special and i am sure they are treasured for a lifetime.

Tell Seth i am holding thumbs, the table looks amazing...

Becca said...

Hello Amanda,

You have been busy! Your house looks great with her new coat of paint! They say that the years show what your days are doing - Your home, family and garden, quilts that overflow to others and all the hidden, unknown things - show your labor of love and good sweet heart. You inspire me.
We're a just few weeks from San Simeon, The Cotton Ball *, and the beautiful crashing Pacific waves :0) !
Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!
Lots of love, Hearts, Becca

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Wow those quilts are so nice and big! What a lovely thing to do for those kids! I'm sure they'll always treasure them.

Amanda, you can buy wallpaper at a discount on line and also on ebay!