Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Well we've been as busy as the bees around the morning glories here at our cottage. The last 2 weeks have been cram packed with projects. I'm sure that hubby really enjoyed his two week vacation doing things around the house. NOT!!! He would rather have been at the beach or at the cabin or anywhere else than home scrapping, sanding, priming and painting. Finally Morning Glory Cottage is getting a much needed paint job. She's been sorely neglected in that department I'm sorry to admit. Finally hubs couldn't deny it any longer. Fortunately the weather has cooperated and given us pleasant 70-80 degree days. Unheard of for June in our area. I'm sure we'll pay for it later with extra long triple digit days. UGH!!! So here's the pics of what we've been doing. We decided to tackle the south side of the cottage first because there is no shade and these pleasant days were just perfect for that area. We'll gradually work around to the north side where we'll have plenty of shade for those hotter summer days. We're only painting trim and eaves.
Our kitchen door is on the south side
We finally got smart and used the saw horses for scaffolding after hubby fell off the ladder that basically folded underneath him. Mind you he's not a very big man, just very tall. He only skinned his elbow and bruised the back side of his knee. I would have broken a million bones and had to been airlifted to the hospital during which flight I would have had a heart attack because I hate to fly. So fortunately he fell off the ladder and not me. Just kidding.
This beautiful paladin window faces east and will take much work. A lot of the window glazing is missing as well so we'll be doing that too.
south side with some primer.
This is a little project that I couldn't resist finally tackling. I've only had this shelf for about 13 years give or take. I just finally decided what I would do with it. I always went back and forth should I paint it or should I stain it or what? I got an epiphany and you'll have to come back to see the finished results. I've also been very busy in our room. All school year long I would give it a little attention and then it would be right back to really messy. So I finally broke down and spent one whole day cleaning and fluffing our room. I'm so glad I did. I let hubby choose our bedroom colors a few years ago when we moved back into the master bedroom. He chose blue and yellow but he didn't specify which blue or yellow. So I took it from there.
Ignore the candles I know they don't go. I just keep forgetting to get blue ones while I'm out shopping. I like versatile pieces that I can use all over the house.
Can you spot the next project needing a paint brush in this room?
We have this really long narrow window above our bed and I've never known what to do with it, so I avoid it. This is the other side of the bed.
You probably recognize this painting from the front room. I've moved some things around in that room and needed a spot for the painting for awhile. I'll post pics of the front room after while.
This is the shelf in it's natural spot before the face lift. Pictures coming soon. I hope you've enjoyed a tour of the room and the face lift that the cottage is getting. I don't think I've shown this room before. Have a great weekend everyone! Oh I almost forgot. The carpenter has been busy with his own projects too. It involves the backyard.
Smiles, Amanda

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