Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where is earth again???

Okay, maybe I did fall off the face of the earth this time. Things have been so hectic with home school starting, work and taking care of my mom. It's really not an excuse but an explanation. I haven't even had time to visit my favorite blogs. So I've got a lot of typing and reading to do. Since there is rain forecasted for the weekend maybe I'll get both done.
Well I promised that as soon as the pirate quilt was complete I would post a picture of it. So here it is.
It's really bright and busy. The students love it and so does the staff. Our district office has even come over to see. This is the grand prize in our paperback book drive. It hangs in the main school office attracting a lot of attention.
This is the center of the quilt. We had thought originally that we would do applique or crayon pirate squares, but found these preprinted squares and decided to do something easier. Hopefully we get a big turn out for the event for the school year.
The other thing I've been busy with is the continuation of our kitchen remodel. Seems things happen real slow and then all of a sudden it kicks into high gear. When I left for work on Monday this is what the wall between the dining room and kitchen looked like. This, of course, is the kitchen side.
When I got home from work this is what greeted me. It's so exciting!
When I got home Tuesday evening this is what greeted me. Yes!!! The room looks and feels so much bigger. Neil kept walking around the island every time he came into the kitchen and commenting on how much he likes it.
Here's a closer picture. We started our kitchen remodel last December. But we've paid it out of pocket and not with a loan. It takes longer that way.
On Wednesday when I got home the framework was in place for the corners. The contractor wasn't able to put in a full day that day so not as much got done.
Miss Kitty isn't sure what we've done with the wall and not too sure she likes the hole in the floor. She'll get used to it and she'll settle down once the work is done.
When I got home today some of the new drywall/plaster work had been done. Contractor says this is the tedious long part. Who cares the wall is open.
We're hoping to mimic the arch between the dining room and living room. We felt it would give it continuity and make it look like it had always been that way. We're thrilled in case you haven't guessed. Please excuse the mess in the pictures. I thought the contractor would show up Monday and discuss things to come back another day to do it. Nope, he started that day. I wasn't really ready. Left Tina in charge to clear all my pretties from the corner hutch and the shelf in the dining room. I'll keep everyone posted as we go. Neil says he'll help me paint next Wednesday when he is off. Hopefully, everything will be complete by then.
I hope everyone is doing okay in blogland and I promise that I'll get around to see how everyone is doing. I've missed seeing what you are all up to. Take care!!

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the feathered nest said...

Wow the kitchen looks great! I bet it feels so much more open with the wall gone.