Saturday, September 22, 2007

Once Again

Well we managed to pull off another "while you were out". Seth took a 7 day Tole Mour Tall ship trip. We decided this was a good time to redo his room while he was gone. Especially after the comment he made the week before he left. "Gee mom, I wish you, Miss Kelly, and Miss Janie had time to redo my room while I'm away. I know you don't though because of work and everything." I said "Yeah, I'm sorry Seth. Work is pretty hectic right now. We'll try some other time." Seth left Labor day Monday and we got busy.
Here we go. The before shots.
I really hadn't realized how much my neat kid had become like my messy kid.

Now the work begins:
One of the first places we went was to RAD. Where we purchased this cool bookcase headboard and chair. Cost? $45.
We'll strip this baby and stain it. Recover the cushions in corduroy, probably some shade of red.
Then we went to Lowe's. Don't ask how much we spent there because it was more than enough. Then we went to Big Lots to purchase the cool curtains and shelves. Fortunately we didn't have to paint the walls like we did for Tina's room redo. Seth likes his "crisp toast" paint job. Yep that's the color name.
Here's Tina working. She did a lot of the work because I was busy working my big girl job and so was everybody else. This was the first week we had students in the library and things get pretty hectic when that happens.
Neil assembling things. He'd really like it if I would quit doing projects. He just wants everything done, neat, tidy and put away. Thank you very much. Seth returned late the following Sunday to a room that looked quite a bit different. Here's the finished product or near finished product. We ran out of time because well with work, etc there just wasn't enough plus the carpenter was out to sea. That really puts a kink in the works.
Here's Tina reading on the "new" bed. We painted the headboard black and put new knobs on it. Kelly made the cool hot rod pillowcases. I've got to finish up the Route 66 quilt I started several years ago. I'm ashamed to admit. I bet Seth feels like I never finish anything for him.
Seth likes Coca Cola memorabilia. So we did one wall of his Coke things. These are the shelves we got at Big Lots. We painted them black. I still had a half gallon of black left from Tina's room. It came in handy. I still have more black paint. Ugh!
Close up of Coca Cola things.
The chair isn't finished. This will add to Seth's incomplete feelings he has for his mom, but at least he'll get the jest of what we were trying to accomplish. We did manage to get the chair stripped. We just need to stain it and cover the cushions. Kelly says she'll help me one weekend.
We used the old, smaller desk for a new nightstand. This worked great. It gave us a large surface for Harry, the tarantula and also created a niche for his ammo box. You can see it in the first photo. We ditched the old bookcase. Actually it moved to the school room and created the new system here. This is what cost the most at Lowe's. Seth's worth it though. Notice the incomplete desk the carpenter has to put together when he gets home. The only way we could get a desk for this spot was to make it our self or himself as the case maybe. We did stain most of the shelves and got the hardware installed.
The dresser moved where the bookcase used to be and got a cool retro cover which you can't see unfortunately. I hope to eventually find a mirror to put in this spot.
Here's a good shot of the front view of the desk/bookcase system.
And here's the really surprised owner returning home. He was distracted by a phone conversation he was having with a friend as he walked into his room. He really likes the room and wished we had built the desk. That's what you get for being the family handy man though. Enjoy your room Seth.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Amanda, thanks for stopping by. I see you have been very busy with your son's room & it looks great. I know he must be thrilled with the outcome. Y'all worked really hard & it shows.


Becky K. said...

What a fun project!
I understand the neat child changing into another sloppy one. Our middle child used to be meticulous. I'm hoping this new sloppy time is just a phase. :-) Our eldest will be sloppy for life, I think. He seems to function better that way. Sigh...

Marilyn said...

What fun! My sister-in-law did this for my nephew and he was so thrilled with his new room. You did a great job!!!!

the feathered nest said...

That's such a wonderful thing to do! What a great surprise it must have been. It looks just great!