Saturday, September 22, 2007

Morning glories for Morning Glory Cottage

After the rain last night the sky was just beautiful this morning. Seth took some pictures of the morning glories out front. These will probably be some of the last photos of these beauties. This is a side view of the front yard. You get a pretty good shot of the three morning glory "bushes". I love morning glories as you can tell. Actually there's very few flowers I don't like. I even like thistle with its puffy, purple head.
This guy is actually a vine from the one on the trellis who crept his way over here and grew over the shepherd's hook I have staked here. Cheeky little guy!
This is a close up of the one growing up the trellis. It finally decided to bloom after much persuasion.
Here's the monster. It's more than fulfilled my dreams of filling up the garden bench Seth built. The cats all love it. They think it's their secret hiding place and a wonderful place for a nap during the hot afternoons. You can't even sit on the bench part of it anymore, at least unless you're daring.
This is the front. The morning glory has decided to take over this flower bed. Which is what bind weed will do. Couple more weeks and I'll be pulling them out though and the other flowers will be glad.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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