Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Sing to the tune of Love is in the Air
Spring is in the air
everywhere I look around
Spring is in the air
every sight and every sound
and I don't know if I'm being foolish
I don't know if I'm being wise
But its something I must believe in...
Spring is in the air
in the whisper of the trees
and I don't know if I'm just dreaming
Don't know if I feel sane
But its something I must believe in...
Spring is in the air
in the rising of the sun
And I don't know if its an illusion
Don't know if I see true
But its something I must believe in...
Borrowed very heavily from John Paul Young. Thanks John Paul. Okay onto the real business of this post. Sorry I just couldn't resist.
Alrighty... I fluffed behind the sink. Because that's just who I am. A bad knee can not keep me down at least not forever. I also have a pattern that I'm working on for you all that you will like for Easter. Well at least I liked them last year when I made them. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my hand drawn pattern onto something that you can use for yourself. I'm going to share pictures of some that I've made. Then hopefully I'll post that really soon. The pattern that is.
So here's behind the sink. I brought in an old galvanized watering can I had and filled it with fake flowers. Sorry, they last a lot longer than the real. I added a lamp that shines so pretty in the corner at night. So for now I'm liking it.
Here's a photo of the eggs I did last year. Made more and their little bottoms need to be sewn closed. You could use these in so many ways. My kids are older so I just put some favorite Easter candy, gift cards and cash in mine last year for them. You could give them to co-workers with an Easter cookie and candy in them. You could use them on your table as place settings. (This is beginning to sound like Sam I am). Okay I'll post the pictures and I'm back to the drawing board on how to get the pattern posted for you too. If you know how to do this please leave me a comment telling me how. 
Sorry couldn't resist sharing a zillion no good pictures with you. Have an absolutely fantastic day, everyone.
Be sure to check back because I will figure this out. I'm tenacious that way. Remember Spring is in the air.....
Mucho Hugs to You All....
(my diabolic planned worked and you will be singing this song all day..... wahaaaa....)


Anonymous said...

your kitchen looks so pretty! I love the pail filled with flowers!


Cozy Home Scenes said...

Your Easter pockets are very cute, and I always love old pails and watering cans. Sorry you are still having problems with your knee. I dislocated my knee in high school and could barely get around for almost a year, so I know how frustrting it is to want to do stuff, but not really be able to.