Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Project - Somewhat Completed

You remember this, right?
Well I finally, somewhat finished it. It isn't enough to have a bad knee right now, but I also have a bad cold. No fun. I did use bead board wallpaper for the back. It's not the best job, more of a learning job if you know what I mean. I figured I have to learn somewhere. It might as well be the back of this cabinet that most people will not see. I did learn a lot of what I did wrong. I have one more coat of paint for the doors and want to bead board wallpaper the inserts for those too. I painted the back blue.
Here is a before of this spot. I've wanted a cabinet for here forever. Okay so it's only been 11 years.
Here's the cabinet sans doors for now. 
Yes the paint is blue - just not the same blue as the walls. I don't have any of that blue left. 
Now readers I have a dilemma. As many of you know we take care of my father-in-law who is getting very forgetful as he gets older. We've had him tested for Alzheimer's which he does not have so I guess it's just age. After the kiddos moved out last fall we moved him from the guest house to the main house so we could keep an eye on him. He uses this main bathroom everyday. But he's not careful and a lot of my pretties are in here. I have thought of putting my coastal stuff from the guest house in here. I have little sentimental attachment to these pieces. Also I have a lot more stuff to put in the guest house if I went shabby chic or cottage out there. Besides I'm the one who sees it everyday - remember my sewing room is out there. The bathrooms are almost the same blue - so all my stuff would work out there. Would you switch if it were you?
Have a great week my friends. 
Hugs~ Amanda

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Marilyn said...

I'd switch it for now. Enjoy every minute with your dear dad, and not worry about things getting soiled. After all, men are different than women. ;D

May God grant you patience as you need it. Blessings to you and your family.