Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Decorating Pictures at Last

I so need to find a tutorial on how to work this new blog spot picture thing. It's driving me crazy. I thought I would finally post pictures of the house decorated for Christmas. Once again I only decorated the front room. It took 2 days instead of several and I'm pretty happy about the results. I made a collage using old family photos, some photos found on the internet and scrapbooking stuff. It was a lot of fun. You'll see pictures of the frame before and after.

Also I realized what a procrastinator I am and that there was no way I would post every day. So not me. LOL. So next Tuesday I will post pictures of all twelve give aways for the 12 days of Christmas. Just leave a comment and that will enter you into the drawing. There will be several goodies. If there is a particular goodie you only want then leave a comment for that one. Check back Tuesday. Hope your New Year is great. If you're out having a good time please be careful. 

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