Saturday, May 12, 2007

Seth's creations or twice is nice

Okay, so it's nice to have some quiet time to myself. Grandma is napping and not needing assistance. Soooo, I'll post again today. Normally I'd be fighting the kids for computer air time. I'd like to share some things that Seth has made in woodshop this year. He's getting pretty good with those woodworking tools. I'll share next week the cute skirts that Tina has been creating with the neighborhood girls. She's pretty busy lately though with the play. She and Seth are in a production of Romeo and Winifred. Tina has two parts, narrator and Versaci. Seth is playing Romeo. It's a parody of Romeo and Juliet. Should be funny.
This is probably one of the first birdhouses Seth made me. The oil lamp beside it is a family heirloom.
He made this cute bookcase not too long ago and I promptly claimed it.
This is the adirondack chair he made this spring. It took him quite a few workshops to complete this and it turned out gorgeous. (By the way, Seth checks the blog probably as much or more than I do. He's always tickled to see the comments.)
This was originally a plate rack that he made last fall. He was pretty disappointed when my plates didn't fit. I said no big deal, take it back, cut out the dowels and add a shelf. I needed a cute little shelf just for this spot and Seth accomplished that quite nicely. The lady in the picture is my husband's paternal grandmother. The white teacups and saucers are R.A.D. (Regional Adult something or another). Goodwill is too expensive here. I'd much rather shop R.A.D. Anyways they had been crying out for a home for a couple of weeks. I finally broke down and brought them home with me. The cups on the left are some of my husband's great grandmother's or something. The ones on the left are my orphan teacups. They got that way because my hubby likes to play ball in the house!!! or run into my shelves and knock the contents off of them. My kids rarely break anything. Just gotta watch out for the hubby. At least he's always sorry enough to go buy me another. :-)
This is Seth.

Well gotta run. Promised Grandma I would order some clothes online that she wants.
Only 2 and a half weeks left of school. Yipppeeeee!!!!!! I know that most of you mothers are groaning out there, but I'm really ready to send your darlings back to you for a much needed ten week break and battery revival. Take care.

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Southern Heart said...

Seth is quite talented! I'm impressed with all of his creations. That chair is particularly special! He claimed the bookcase...quick, you claim the chair! :)

I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos today.