Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Bare Bones

Well we're still moving. Have most of the moving out part done. Just the guest house remains to be gone through. That will be my job because it's mostly my stuff. The main house is empty and it's kinda hard to walk through there. It echoes and its cold, not the little cottage that we once lived in. Stuff really does make a home. 
I thought I  would share some before photos of our new duplex. It's small and definitely cozy once all the stuff was in. 
Exterior views. Yep, I warned you it was tiny. These pictures of the front aren't the best. I was being bad and took them from my van. The garages set between the two units. 
 Tiny patio. Potted plants and a patio set will brighten this up right away.
The living room - nice big window with a big ledge. Decorating potential. 
Kitchen/Dining room - small but efficient (or so I tell myself)
Guest/craft/office room - another big window ledge - Miss Kitty will love this.
Our bedroom - with a grand view of the patio/garden area
Bathroom - 
And there you have it. The grand tour, all 871 square feet of it in all of it's plain vanilla potential. I know you're probably all wondering why we've moved. We had such a cute house. I've debated and debated about whether or not to put that on here, our reason for moving. But that's another post. This one is long enough. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. More to come.
Hugs, Amanda


Mary said...

Whatever the reason for your move, may you be happy in your new home. Turning those bare walls into a cute home will be fun!!
Good Luck...Happy New Year

Amanda Kramer said...

Thanks, Mary. It'll be fun.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing what your going to do with your duplex. We are in one currently and I could use some ideas please. Happy 2012