Saturday, February 19, 2011

Like Jennifer Hudson "I am changing, gonna get my life together now..."

Wow! What a week. My hubby took some time off. That's a good and bad thing. Good because he got quite a few things done in the yard, bad because it gives him time to look around at all my unfinished projects. He hates unfinished projects. Personally I think he just hates projects. He's not a project guy. Well onto the good. He said the state of chaos in the house and the craft room was too much. Get it done or he'll take care of it. In hubby speak "it's all going to GoodWill when you walk out the door to work." So I've been busy, rearranging, another thing he dislikes, change. He's of the mindset you park your furniture and that's where it stays until you move out. I like change, I like to move things around. Somehow we've managed to co-exist in the same house for the last 22 years. Fortunately he puts up with me and occasionally helps me out. Here's just a few pictures of the changes going on right now. I'm not done. I still want to change up some things.
Made changes to my little shelf
Made changes in my big white cabinet
Changed out plate racks
Found a new to me lamp at my favorite thrift store. Paid $2 for the lamp and $21 for the lamp shade at Lowe's. I still came out ahead though. I rarely see lampshades that I like at the thrift store. So I save on the lamp and splurge on the shade. It gets really dusty where I live and being able to wash these shades at least once a year is important here. Of course I made changes to the living room when I moved everything back around.
I'd like to strip the top of this desk and stain it. Paint the bottom white and the chair white with a new seat cover. Like this sweet little desk over at Miss Mustard Seed's. I foresee a lot of projects for me during spring break. Good thing I'm not going anywhere. Hope your weekend is great.
Hugs~ Amanda


Scarlett Fontaine said...

The lamp is fabulous! I would love that in my home, Im also in awe of how great your cupboards look - so many lovely items I dont know where to start! Scarlett x

KATHY said...

Your little shelf looks so adorable! I love the way you decorated it.


Secret Garden Cottage said...

Everything looks great, Amanda! That lamp was a great find! Sometimes all we need is a little nudgle to get our projects done. :)
Hope you're having a great weekend!
~ Jo

Secret Garden Cottage said...

p.s. that's supposed to be 'nudge' not nudgle... ugh! :)

Bee happy said...

I'm loving your big white cupboards!

Bee happy x