Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cream Ware and Milk Glass - Little Treasures and some Awards

Hello! Wow the last two weeks have been a killer. Like some kind of marathon or something. At least for me. LOL! Painted the guest house along with getting my daughter ready to leave for school. Then traveling with her up to Sacramento to leave her, that was harder than giving birth. But on to the subject of this post. Sorry to wander.
I've been collecting Creamware for several years now at least 13 or more. It started with yard sales when we lived in Virginia. I kept running into this one pattern and just really liked it. It has no marks the ones I've collected, but I do know it's a Homer Laughlin knock-off. Homer Laughlin did have it's own pattern of this, but I liked the chunkier knockoffs better. Go figure. A couple of weeks ago while at an antique store I found a matching teapot. I've never seen a teapot. I do have the creamer. Found that years ago while visiting my mom in Mississippi. I was so excited. It was $11, it's even decently priced at the antique stores. Then last week I found this cute individual soup tureen. Added that to the shelf. Almost everything on the shelf has been found at yard sales, a few pieces have been gifts and a few have been bought at antique stores. Enjoy.
 Here's the teapot. Just love it.

 I loved the design on the butter dish. No bottom but felt it needed a home anyways. 

 This little soup tureen was found at an antique store in Missouri. Mom, the kids and I were on a trip many years ago when I discovered this treasure.

 These milk glass cups were thrift store finds, each a separate week but found at the same thrift store. Two are identical. The little covered milk glass dish beside it I found at an antique store but it was marked way down due to a flaw which is very minor. 

 Here's the soup tureen I found. 

These cups are on a different shelf but I kept going to my favorite thrift store and these three cups and saucers would be there every week. I finally felt sorry for them and brought them home. LOL

 One of the cups.

 I call this my orphan tea cup shelf. The cups on the left belonged to my husband's great, great grandmother. Who knows where the saucers went. The ones on the left however where orphaned by my hubby. Yup broken saucers over the years for various reasons like playing ball in the house with dog, knocking a shelf off a wall. Hubby has broken more china than my kids. Go figure. Of course what do orphan tea cups need? An orphan sugar bowl with no lid found at the thrift store. I pulled the lace back so you could see the treasures better.

 Here's the whole shelf. Seth made it for me. One of his very first projects in high school. The blue and white willow ware at the top belonged to my great grandmother. That's a treasure also. My daughter who loves blue and white has already asked for this set. In the next couple of weeks I'll box this up very carefully and find something else for this spot. I'm just glad she likes it. My great grandmother loved Willow ware. When she passed away ( I was 16, quite a few years ago) and we were going through her house we found three complete sets of Willow ware plus various pieces. 

The creamer to my creamware. 
Wow! Long post, sorry. I'm linking up to
I will be posting pictures soon of the guest house. I'm reluctant because there's so much more I want to do in there yet. But it's the end of summer and money gets really tight after your second month of no paycheck. Go figure. 
Jojeana of Secret Garden Cottage has given me my first awards. I'll be posting those in the next few days because this post is long enough. Thanks so much Jo!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations with your first Award.
You're Creamware is beautiful and I just love you're cups with roses.
I think you have a beautiful blog and I'll be back.
Have a nice weekend from Mio in Norway.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, ment your cups with roses.
Today seems to be the day I write everything wrong.

My Cottage Charm said...

I LOVE creamware!~ I have mostly pitchers. I do have a set of plates that I use a LOT. It's so fun to decorate with goes with anything or it's just lovely all by itself. :)
Thanks for linking up to Treasures and Trinkets, I always enjoy what you add!
Have a blessed day
Missy :)