Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Regular Post... Gasp...Shock...

Well posting regularly is certainly not one of my accomplishments. Life just gets too busy if we allow it. My full time hours at work will be coming to a close pretty soon, so hopefully that will open up more time as I move back to just my regular afternoon hours. Of course if I didn't get so busy reading everyone else's blogs and worked more on my own then I'd probably be a regular poster too. I've got so many things I want to share with everyone, so where to start?
I've been tweaking the front room. We turned our living room into the dining room. It was much larger than our dining room and turned our old, small dining room off the kitchen into a sitting room. We have a family room so we really didn't need a room with just couches in it. We were hardly using it. So I'd like to share pictures of that. I've also recently gotten a new table and buffet for the front room. So here goes
Before. You can't see the chandelier in the other pictures but I did get shades for the bulbs. It looks really cute. I got the kind that can be covered with your own fabric. My bestfriend and I spent an hour or so covering them one Saturday.
New buffet and other improvements to the wall that has bugged me for 8 years. I've never known what to do with this large blank wall. I think it's coming together nicely now. I purchased a crocheted runner at last weekend's open air market that I went to.
Just a different angle.
new table and chairs.
There are several pieces in here that I hope to paint and antique so that I have a more cohesive look. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll add some more posts this week. I've got a couple of great recipes to share. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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