Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Demise of a Monster

If you read a few posts back, you would have seen the morning glory vines we grew over the summer. They more than exceeded our expectations for them, which was to cover the garden bench that Seth had built. We enjoyed going out every morning to see what new growth had happened or how many flowers were open that morning. It provided a wonderful attraction for our yard. We knew that it was getting near the end of its time. But we so wanted to linger over it a little longer, drawing out its last blossom until the very end. But that was not to be. A few Saturdays ago a strong wind came along and knocked over the very top heavy bench. No damage was done to the bench, but several vines were ripped from the ground. So, resigned we pulled out the few remaining vines and disrobed the bench for the winter. Parting certainly is such sweet sorrow.
The day before the strong wind. The monster had certainly grown.
Close ups of the blooms. They were such a wonderful, vibrant blue.
We all fall down in strong winds.
Fortunately the vine was the saving grace of the bench. It cushioned the fall so to speak. We'll greatly miss our morning glories here at morning glory cottage. We did manage to save several praying mantis egg casings and jumping spiders. I could have done without the jumping spiders but the budding entomologist said we had to save our "friends".
We've been so busy here at Morning Glory Cottage. My mom was in the hospital for a week. No serious troubles just a flair up of her lung condition. But running back and forth to the hospital and daily life can just get to you. Work and school continue even in crisis. We managed to finish painting the kitchen and the new flooring was laid. Yippee!!! It looks so good and we are really enjoying the spaciousness of the two rooms. We might never move now.
The carpenter finally got a chance to work on his desk project that we left him from his room redo. He did a fine job. Pardon the teenage mess in the pictures.
Just a little help from dad.
Just about done.

We still have to stain and paint. He picked out cherry stain for the top and black for the legs and sides. Should look really nice. This was a really narrow spot for a desk, but the only available spot in the room. So we had to make the desk. We basically bolted it to the wall so it only has two front legs and a frame.
Seth put molding around the frame to finish it off. On to the next project. They shouldn't have written the never ending story about that boy and the flying creature. It should have been about a house remodel.
I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the fall weather. We've had just lovely weather. A bit of quick cool down for us, but I'm not complaining. The temperatures have been a little warmer these last two days but not expected to last. I hope to do a post on the new kitchen complete with old pictures in the next couple of days or weeks. Which ever comes first. Take care everyone.


Laurie said...

I love morning glorys and your's were beautiful! I'm glad you bench was ok. I love your new table.


ginny said...

I love Morning Glories, but we planted some on a trellis years ago and the wind or the birds carried the seed into an ivy covered slope. We spent years and years trying to get rid of it. Our last year in that house, we thought we had eradicated it on the slope. One day I happened to be standing in the front yard and over the house I could see Morning Glories about 70 feet up in the ancient pine trees behind the house, blooming their little hearts out.